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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

[Free RPG Games Android] BeyBlade

The first BeyBlade game on Android.

This is a beta release so please note that there is still bugs, that have to be fixed.
If you don’t have 800×480 resolution, there will be some layout problems. Better support for different resolutions is coming.
We are currently trying to fix the problems that occur on some phones (mainly HTC phones).
If you have problems with Galaxy S on Android 2.1, you have to update your Android version.
If you would like to report a bug, please use e-mail instead of Market comment.

Battle against other BeyBlades. You can select many different parts and build your custom BeyBlades, and then battle with them in a quick match or maybe in a tournament. Or try to beat your high score in the arcade mode. In arcade mode you will be fighting against endless coming BeyBlades and try to get a high score. You get more RPM and points every time you stop an AI BeyBlade. (BeyBlade with high defence recommended)

Control your BeyBlade with tilting the device and try to stop your opponents. Or with touch controls by swiping to the direction you want to go (a bit like joystick).

With realtime physics the matches will never go same way, and the BeyBlades will behave realistically when they are hit.


*Good performance, over 50fps even on mid-range devices
*Quality graphics
*Realistic physics
*3 match modes: arcade, tournament and quick match
*Dynamic camera in matches
*Soundtrack with almost 20 songs
*Many BeyBlades and parts (more coming in the full version)
*Changeable Rip Cords
*Many BeyBlade battle stadium

*Android 2.0.1 or higher
*800×480 resolution (works best), other resolutions should be playable but all features won’t work, sorry for some of the graphics misalign on other than 800×480 resolution.
We are still fixing the bugs and adding more content in the game.
If the game doesn’t work, instead of just giving a bad rating tell us the device you are using and did it crash, and when it happened.
A short description could help us solve issues with the game.

Thank you all for downloading the game and giving nice comments and ratings!

-The game is a bit slow to load on start so be patient.
-If the BeyBlade doesn’t get launched good, try to keep your finger on the rip cord a moment before swiping it to the right or try to launch it dragging the left side of it. And remeber to not grab it before “Let it rip” text.
-Some parts don’t fit yet right, so they get covered by each other.

Tested and working:
(by team)
-Archos A70
-Samsung Galaxy S
-Samsung Galaxy Gio
-Samsung Galaxy Mini

(by users)
-Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc
-Sony Ericsson Xperia Play
-Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini
-Sony Ericsson Xperia X10
-Motorola Photon
-Motorola Defy
-Motorola Atrix
-Motorola Droid 2
-Motorola Droid X
-Motorola Droid Bionic
-Samsung Galaxy S II
-Samsung Galaxy Prevail
-Samsung Galaxy Tab
-Samsung Galaxy Ace
-Samsung Galaxy Fit
-Samsung Epic
-HTC Evo 3D
-HTC Sensation
-HTC Desire
-HTC Desire HD
-HTC Desire S
-HTC Inspire
-LG Vortex
-LG Optimus One
-LG Optimus V
-LG Optimus 2X
-Kyocera Echo

If you like the game please rate =).
Latest Updates:

version: 0.9.0b
*Custom BeyBlade is saved automatically
*Changes to get the problems solved on some htc phones.
*Added explanation of the stars in the workshop
*More stable physics (BeyBlades will not fly out so easily)
*Better performance (fixed couple of the scripts)
*Fixed some textures
*Some Bugfixes

version: 0.8.9b
*Made some changes to try to fix the closing problems on Htc phones.
*More sensitive BeyBlade moving (the controls are a bit faster, physics are same)
*Added shadows, on/off button in options (recommended only for faster devices if the game runs good)
*Some optimizations
*Some Bugfixess

[Free RPG Games Android] Andor’s Trail

Quest-driven Roguelike fantasy dungeon crawler RPG with a powerful story. Uncover the truths about your home village and the disappearance of your brother.

Battle fierce monsters, gain experience and levels. Solve quests, find hidden treasures and improve your equipment and skills.

Code is open-source.

Please visit the game’s website for gameplay hints or to chat with other players.

Please note that this is a work in progress, which means that some parts of the world are not fully completed.

Download at Market

Thursday, 27 October 2011

[Free RPG Games Android] The Infinite Black MMO

FREE MMO – Online Space Combat & Exploration!

In this amazing massively multiplayer online world you will choose the path of humble space trader, intergalactic warrior, disreputable pirate, or corporate overlord! The Infinite Black is produced exclusively for Android — and it’s 100% FREE TO PLAY!

You have complete control over your destiny!

* Upgrade and customize over 10 different unique ship templates!

* Fight your way through a hostile galaxy populated by thousands of other players, aliens, pirates, and more!

* Join up with friends to form powerful Galactic Corporations and battle it out for control of rare planets, resources, and shipping lanes!

* Run missions, colonize planets, harvest resources, dispatch fighters, hunt down bounties, craft support drones, or raise a baby alien pet to protect you! The possibilities for fun and adventure are endless!

* Completely FREE TO PLAY!

The Infinite Black is a Massively Multiplayer Online game (MMO) that requires an active network connection to play. You will be connected to a vast universe populated by thousands of other players just like you, each with their own agendas, reputations, and achievements!

Perks are available for purchase using the in-game currency called BlackDollars. These are found on creatures, rewarded for missions, and may also be purchased using Android Market’s in-app billing system — touch the coin button in the bottom left of the screen to see what you can buy with them.

IMPORTANT: This game is currently in EARLY BETA! Although it is polished and bug-free, the mechanics are subject to change at any time! We work hard to keep it operating well, but players should understand that we’re still working out the kinks.

Please keep this in mind when reviewing the app! We are a very small development group and depend on our market rating entirely for survival. This game is JUST getting started — tell us your ideas and we WILL implement them!

Download at Market

[Free RPG Games Android] Infinite Dungeon

How far into the Infinite Dungeon can you delve?

The goal of Infinite dungeon is simple. Work you way from floor to floor searching for the stairway down to the next level while dispatching monsters and improving your equipment.

This Trial version of the game includes all races and classes but only allows you to delve to level 15 …so more of a Finite Dungeon really.

Infinite Dungeons levels are procedurally generated and are different every time you play but just to mix things up there are also over 70 pre-designed levels that the game will switch in which contain additional features like keys, doors and switches.

Infinite Dungeon Includes
Over 80 different enemies
Over 70 Designed levels
Over 100 Unique Items
38 spells
3 difficulty settings
4 Races and 3 Classes
Multiple Tiered achievements

Finally the game features end of section bosses on level 10,25,50,75 and 100!

Infinite Dungeon is a Rogue Like / Roguelike at heart but has been designed so that anyone can enjoy it and with a control scheme that suits touch.

All that’s left is to ask is how far into the Infinite Dungeon can you delve? (Probably to level 15)

Download at Market

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

[FREE RPG GAMES ANDROID] Eternity Warriors


After 20 years of peace in Northern Udar, a powerful new Demon threat has emerged under the command of the evil Demon King Kilic. The Demons have overrun and transformed the once vibrant land into a cesspool of danger and evil. Only the courageous Eternity Warriors can defeat this rising threat to the world of Humans and Elves!

3D fantasy world with fast-paced melee action gameplay: Experience an amazing variety of heavy and light attacks, devastating special moves and powerful combos to take out the hoards of demonic enemies

Spectacular sword-wielding combat alongside your real friends: The Eternity Warriors always fight the Demon threat together with fellow clan members found on Facebook and OpenFeint.

Magical array of swords, axes, armors and power-ups: To be a truly great warrior you need truly great weapons. Build your inventory with some of the biggest and most insanely powerful weapons imaginable!


[Free RPG Games Android] DESTINIA


A member of the Imperial Guard, Duke is imprisoned after defying an order to murder innocent civilians. There he is nursed to health by the Rebel princess Crystal. The two form an alliance to escape the prison and fight the Empire.

Duke returns to find his hometown brutally occupied by the Imperial Army. He searches frantically for his childhood sweetheart Lena, but the path has dangers lurking at every turn…


Experience every action with awesome special effects

Immerse yourself with over 30 hours of captivating gameplay

Choose from 3 main classes, 6 subclasses, and 39 skill trees

Construct, combine, and disassemble items anywhere, anytime!

Raise and evolve a companion pet to fight with you in PVP!